Presidents Message



Just over one year ago our association was facing the real possibility of being dissolved so my address to you as your elected President is a particularly pleasurable one. 

I want to personally thank my fellow officers for stepping forward and assisting in the re building of the association and giving clubs confidence in our future together. Our main aim is to push on and work with the clubs delivering healthy competition and membership growth. The forging of a stronger bond between the association and it's member clubs is key if we are all to grow and flourish, in this respect your engagement and feedback is very welcome.

Throughout the season I want to visit as many clubs as possible and learn about your triumphs and struggles so we can pass on initiatives to help each other.


We have been greatly encouraged by the competition entries received this year and the attendance at the Presentation Night, with your support we'll look to build on these successes year on year.


Enjoy your bowls, support your Club & Association ... and don't be afraid to have a bit of fun


Kevin Clarke