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15/07/18 Aussie Pairs, 2 Wood Triples, Pairs, Griffin Cup, Officers  & Singles Updated
09/07/18   Friday Evening League Update
08/07/18 Aussie Pairs, 2 Wood Triples & Ray Cup Updated
05/07/18 Champ of Champs, Officers, Singles & Triples Updated
03/07/18 Champ of Champs, Officers & Triples Updated
02/07/18   Singles, Pairs, Triples & Aussie Pairs Updated
01/07/18   Singles, Pairs, Triples, Champ of Champs, Griffin Cup & Officers Updated
01/07/18   Friday Evening League Update
21/06/18   TriplesFours & Ray Cup Updated
20/06/18   Fours, Aussie Pairs & Officers Updated
19/06/18   Singles, Officers, Two Wood Triples, Champ of Champs, Triples & Pairs Updated
14/06/18 Singles, Aussie Pairs, Two Wood Triples, Fours & Griffin Cup Updated
11/06/18 Aussie Pairs & Singles Updated
11/06/18 Watford & District Friday Evening League Updated
08/06/18 Pairs & Ray Cup Updated
07/06/18 Singles, Pairs, Triples, Ray Cup & Champ of Champs Updated
04/06/18 Singles, Pairs, Triples, Two Wood Triples & Aussie Pairs Updated
04/06/18 RIP: Joan Backhouse
31/05/18   Singles, Pairs, Triples & Griffin Cup Updated
23/05/18 Singles, Pairs & Griffin Cup Updated
16/05/18 Singles & Pairs Updated
30/03/18 RIP: Bob Kempster (North Watford BC)
28/03/18 Updated Fixtures & Important dates


HB Greens Forum Meeting Friday
04/03/18 RIP: Pat Webb (Past President W&DLBA) *** With Funeral Details ***
18/02/18 RIP: Cyril Payne (North Watford)
20/01/18 RIP: Roger Wakefield (Hemel Helstead)
20/01/18 Message from our President
20/10/17   RIP: Barney (John) Element
14/10/17   RIP: Roy Lawrence
07/09/17 Final Results In RED
23/08/17   Finals Day Programme
16/08/17   Competitions updated Singles, 2 Wood Triples & U18
13/08/17   Competitions updated Officers, C of C & Fours
11/08/17   Competitions updated Australian Pairs
09/08/17   All Semi-Final matches scheduled for Thursday 10th August (at Garston) have all been cancelled due to bad weather and are now being played on Tuesday 15th August at Garston BC
09/08/17   The W&D Fours is now being played on Friday 11th August at Berkhamsted BC
09/08/17 RIP Derek Walton Croxley Guild BC
08/08/17   Competitions updated Australian Pairs, Pairs, U25, Triples, Officers & Past Pres
05/08/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, C of C, & 2 Wood Triples
02/08/17   Competitions updated Australian Pairs, Singles, Pairs, Officers, C of C  & 2 Wood Triples 
30/07/17   Competitions updated Australian Pairs, Singles, Pairs, Officers, 2 Wood Triples & Griffin Cup
29/07/17   Semi-final for Aussie Pairs will be played on Tuesday 8th August at Potten End Handbook is right
27/07/17 Competitions updated Fours & Australian Pairs
26/07/17   Competitions updated C of C, Fours, Officers, Triples & Ray Cup
22/07/17   Competitions updated Triples, 2 Wood Triples
18/07/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs, C of C  & 2 Wood Triples
17/07/17   Friday Evening League Updated
16/07/17   Updated Singles, Pairs, Triples, Australian Pairs, U18, U25, Griffin Cup & 2 Wood Triples
15/07/17   Rest in Peace, Roy Murray, Kitcheners Bowls Club. Funeral details included
13/07/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs, Triples, Past Pres, Australian Pairs & 2 Wood Triples
10/07/17 Competitions updated Singles, Ray Cup & Australian Pairs
03/07/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs, C of C, Triples, Griffin Cup, Officers & 2 Wood Triples
25/06/17   Competitions updated Pairs, Triples & Officers Singles
24/06/17   Competitions updated Singles & Ray Cup
24/06/17   Results will be delayed until 04/07/17 due to County Tour
23/06/17   Competitions updated Singles & Ray Cup
22/06/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs Triples & 2 Wood Triples
21/06/17   Friday evening League Updated
19/06/17 Friday evening League Updated
16/06/17   Competitions updated Singles, Pairs & Griffin Cup
15/06/17   Competitions updated C of C, Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours
13/06/17   Competitions updated Ray Cup. C of C, Singles, Triples & Ray Cup
09/06/17   Friday evening League Updated
08/06/17   Competitions updated Ray Cup & Pairs
06/06/17   Competitions updated (2 Wood Triples, Singles, Fours, Officers, Past Pres, C of C)
01/06/17   Competitions updated (Pairs & Griffin Cup)
31/05/17   Competitions updated (Pairs, Triples & Griffin Cup)
25/04/17 Competitions updated (Singles, Australian Pairs & Pairs)
19.04/17   Funeral arrangements for Bruce Alexander
14/03/17   Council Meeting 19.30 Tuesday 11th April at Herts BC
01/03/17   Sad death of Paul Oxtoby Including Funeral Details
10/02/17   Competitions Updated for 2017

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